Green Teas

Green tea is produced primarily in China and Japan. Types of green tea vary significantly, depending on the steps taken during production, such as steaming, pan-firing, rolling, etc. However, it is the application of heat, either by steaming or pan-firing, which prevents the leaves from oxidising and becoming oolong or black tea. By far the largest amount of tea drunk in the East falls under the green tea category. Green Tea is the largest category of non-black teas with literally hundreds of varieties worldwide. Green tea is produced by every tea producing country including India, Sri Lanka, Africa, south-east Asia, China and Japan. It can be ether unflavoured or flavoured. Traditional methods to flavour green tea include rolling the freshly plucked tea with flower blossom. Jasmine, Osmanthus and Rose are often used. A Japanese speciality is Genmaicha which uses toasted rice with the tea. In northern sub-Saharan Africa mint is often mixed with green tea. We have replicated this regional taste with our Moroccan Mint.