Chantler Teas Own Welsh Blends

We have developed our own unique range of teas that are hand blended and packed by us right here in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Only the finest ingredients available have been used to create these exciting blends and this includes the quality of the tea itself. Here at Chantler Teas we love nothing better than combining different ingredients and developing our own unique blends. Sometimes this can take a long period of subtle adjustments to obtain the flavour we are looking for, at other times it can all come together pretty quickly. The resulting teas are so worth the effort and we feel that our own blends are as fine a tea that can be found anywhere.

We have three basic ranges of own blends: the Dragon range, herbal teas and our very special spiced chais. To date there are six Dragon Range teas – Gold, Green, Spicy, Smoky, Fiery and Royal Dragon. The Herbal range is split into Welsh Sunrise and Welsh Moonlight. The Sunrise is designed to wake you up with citrus while the Moonlight has relaxing herbs such as peppermint and fennel. The rest of our herbal blends are based upon plants found in the Welsh Countryside. So far we have Wetland, Hedgerow and Meadow. The spiced Chais are use a traditional mix of Indian spices all selected and blended by ourselves. Chai is a traditional tea found throughout India from the poorest streets right through to the finest hotels. We take our chai mix and add teas to form, Traditional, Rooibos, Green, Chocolate, Vanilla, Chilli and a very special Bangalore Rose.

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