Rooibos and Decaffeinated Teas

Rooibos, or Red Bush is a fine twigged bush found only in a small part of South Africa‚Äôs South Western Cape region. The tea is made from an infusion of the prepared leaves has been enjoyed for centuries by the local indigenous population.. Its real draw card is its inherent remedial and healing properties. It is naturally caffeine free, contains no calories and has a high mineral content. It is believed to contain up to fifty times the anti-oxidant properties of green tea. The quality of Rooibos is strictly regulated and our Good Hope is the finest available (the better the tea the lower the tannins) and will give a smooth taste that is not bitter. We also have a range of naturally flavoured rooibos to excite the taste buds and give variety for the rooibos enthusiast. Honeybush is a similar plant found within the Western Cape. It is not commercially farmed and is only found in remote parts of mountainous areas. All harvesting has to be done by hand. All parts of the Honeybush plant can be used to make tea, which has a similar colour and flavour to Redbush though a little sweeter (though this should not be thought of as a sweet drink). After cutting the material is heaped in large piles for natural fermentation and then finished by sun drying. Because of this Honeybush is a healthy beverage and an excellent alternative for Redbush drinkers.