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April 24, 2018

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We are currently a small scale producer but we have plans! We are bringing out exciting new teas for 2019 to supplement our existing range and feel that now is the time to take our business to the next level. To help with this we would like to advertise ourselves at the World Tea Expo.

Why we would like to attend the World Tea Expo

Attending the World Tea Expo is not a small undertaking. It involves a significant financial investment that, at the moment, is beyond the capabilities of a small business such as ours.

However, we feel that the ability to promote our uniqueness and teas to the world offers a huge potential to move forward and expand our brand.

The Tea Expo in the US is one of the largest and represents an incomparable opportunity to advertise us and our products.

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Food Fair, Carmarthen

January 16, 2018
We will be at the January Food Fair this Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January at the The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthen. Hope to see you there.

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March Closing, Limited shop availability

March 3, 2017
We will be away researching to bring you some fabulous new teas from Tuesday 13th March until Tuesday 18th April 2017. During this time there will be a skeleton shop open for tea emergencies. We will be back with a bigger and better selection on the 20th April.

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Welsh Warbler

January 26, 2017
We have taken a combination of herbs and blended them to create a special tea designed with singers in mind. Tasty and soothing, this tea is ideal for drinking before and during performances and practice. Lemon Thyme and Echinacea have antiseptic properties while Liquorice, Sage and Rosemary give the soothing edge. Keeps the pipes just right!
Now available in our online shop
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Completely Vegan

January 18, 2017
We are pleased to announce that we are now completely vegan. We will be increasing our range of herbal blends and green teas for your enjoyment.
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